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John William Moore, born in 1843, founded the beginnings of Moore and Tillyer in 1875 when he took over a small printing company in Eastgate, Chichester. With a shop at 39 East Street, he originally had his printing works in the back. As the business grew, he expanded to a separate printing works in St John’s Street.

He retired in the early 1900’s and his son, H W Moore, and son-in law, P T Wingham, took over. Subsequently, the business was re-named Moore & Wingham – this remained unchanged until 1945.

Meanwhile, in 1944, Mr A W Tillyer purchased the bombed-out printing plant of Thomas Triggs. Thomas Triggs was behind the North Street shops, also in Chichester – one of the only bombs which struck the heart of the city. The printing machinery was moved to a builder’s yard in Northgate until its eventual move to the firm’s premises in The Hornet.

As Mr A W Tillyer’s business grew, Moore & Wingham declined. In 1945 the two businesses merged together to create Moore & Tillyer and the business moved to St John’s Street. Eventually Mr H W Moore retired and Mr A W Tillyer was running the company.

39 East Street Chichester

After World War Two, Mr A W Tillyer was joined by three of his five sons in order to learn the trade, as they had no background in printing; Stanley George, Sidney Ralph and Derek Gordon Tillyer. The business continued to expand until Mr A W Tillyer’s death in 1948, when his sons took over as directors.

Mr & Mrs Moore surrendered their interest in the company and the company was left to the three Tillyer brothers.

Stanley retired in 1984 and Sidney a few years later, leaving the company to Mr D G Tillyer. In 1996 the retail stationery outlet at 39 East Street (now Ryman Stationery) closed.

In 1997 Mr D G Tillyer retired and the business was taken over by his youngest daughter, Clare Holder (nee Tillyer), who still runs the company today.

Moore and Tillyer - Creating The Right Impression

Moore and Tillyer

Creating The Right Impression